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Dewey County Levy Rates

District Code School District Levy Rate
CAM-3 Camargo in Leedey SD 73.05
CAM-5 Camargo in Vici SD 81.59
Jt105 Canton School District 82.25
LEEDY Leedey 73.05
JT-3 Leedey Joint School District 73.05
OAKWD Oakwood 57.90
SELNG Seiling 63.19
I-8 Seiling School District 63.19
Jt-3W Sharon-Mutual School District 79.95
TALOG Taloga 57.90
I-10 Taloga School District 57.90
Jt-7 Thomas-Fay-Custer School District 76.19
I-5 Vici School District 81.59
VICI Vici 81.59